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Our Brands


It is a brand of 3D printing and Design services, focused on the realization of projects. All we want is to serve you in the best possible way to turn those ideas into reality. We are a team of professionals in the areas of Product Design, Information Technology and Communication.

We work in parts and products design, prototyping by 3D printing in different materials, finishing and polishing services, finalization of parts and creation of corporate identity for your company. To materialize your ideas please contact us, and we will return an answer as soon as possible.


SmartPixel is a brand dedicated to the marketing, installation and maintenance of LED screens for indoor or outdoor fixed use.

We customize screens in any size and format and adapt the solution to the client's needs. We have a wide knowledge that will help the client to obtain the best solution.

Through our partnerships be it metal construction, software development, digital content creation, and project development, we offer our customers turnkey projects for any installation.

CODEMAKER, the ideal partner for your computer science company, offering a multidisciplinary service in all areas.